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Architectural additions referred to as hardscape can make open-air spaces come alive. Homeowners now have many unique and creative choices for enhancing their patios, lawns and gardens. A brick, paver or stone walkway, especially when replacing a too narrow or treacherous sidewalk, can add beauty and function. Outdoor lighting can make your house numbers easier to spot and extend parties past sundown. A gazebo or fountain can be a lovely focal point. A feeding station to attract your favorite birds and other wild creatures can bring hours of pleasure.

Well-designed architectural elements can also successfully take care of problems like steep slopes or a lack of privacy. Options for retaining walls and fences are abundant. There are loads of new materials and products on the market to build that special deck, patio or porch.

You can also make changes just for fun. Hot tubs have always been recreational favorites, but you might also consider a firepit or outdoor fireplace. Both can warm up a chilly evening and provide beautiful firelight. Once they’re installed, your new hardscape elements can be blended naturally into the landscape with plants. You can train morning glories or roses to climb a decorative arbor or trellis, and a garden pond comes alive when plants and fish are added.

Whatever the special needs of your property, consider a hardscape solution to add value and enjoyment for years to come. You’ll love it!

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Boulder Wall
Landscape Lighting

The sheer beauty created by exterior lighting makes it a desirable add-on to any exterior design. Creating silhouettes, flooding a large tree or architectural feature of your house, or bringing interesting plantings to life in a pool of light can all create a special mood. A home with tastefully lit outdoor spaces is the nighttime star of its neighborhood.

The use of a selection of low-voltage fixtures to light some areas and downplay others adds beauty and value to your home.
Part of that value is enhanced safety and security. Exterior landscape lighting makes your outdoor space safer for pedestrians and more secure from unwanted visitors. It can light paths to help guests reach your door safely and eliminate shadows where an intruder might hide.

Paths, decks, patios, pools and gardens can all be improved with lighting. The trick is not to overdo it. A proper lighting design will use various types of lights – such as wash lights, bullets, path or spread lights – where each will effectively contribute to an overall pleasing scheme without an overly lighted effect.
Installation isn’t disruptive to existing landscapes, and most light fixtures can be tucked out of plain view. The low voltage requirements mean your electric bill won’t be out of sight, either.
Call us for details on this affordable way to beautify your home and its landscape.

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Lighting Lighted Bridge
Floral Displays

Planning your floral display with these single season flowers is a good landscape investment because they’re so versatile, colorful, produce quick results and are relatively inexpensive. These dependable single-season flowers hit the ground running and provide a spectacular and easy show all season long. The choices in size, color and growth habit are vast.

Some work well as edging plants. Others are best used in planters or window boxes. The majority are useful as bedding plants for mass effects.
Because annuals live only one season, and they have no permanent roots from which to grow the next year, they perpetuate their kind through heavy seed production. To produce lots of seeds, they must produce many flowers. If those flowers are cut before the seeds can form, the plant tries again and again in an effort to make up the loss. The more you cut an annual, the more it blooms - it’s like having your cake and eating it too!

Some popular annuals that you may want to consider for your landscape include impatiens, zinnia, marigold, petunia, asturtium, alyssum, aster, morning glory, portulaca, snapdragon and sweet pea. With the right planning, good soil, plenty of water and room to flourish, an annual flower display on your property will be a sight to behold.

Colorful blooms from bulbs are always a sight for sore eyes after a cold, gray winter. Spring-flowering bulbs of all kinds are a major contributor to year-round color in any landscape. Crocus, daffodil, tulip and hyacinth are all great choices. Feel free to give us a call to learn more about floral displays. We're here to help!

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Floral Display   Flowers & Mulch