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Secure Main Structure and Outbuildings

Changing/rekeying door locks to one master key per client specifications, Securing windows and doors, boarding and/or replacing windows and doors (if needed) and temporary roof repairs and/or tarping.

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Door Before Resecure
Door During
Door After
Debris Removal

Interior and exterior removal of trash, furniture, vehicles, boats, construction waste and other hazardous and large debris items.

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Debris Before After
Debris Inside Debris Inside After
Plumbing Winterization

Winterization is performed to industry standards as well as specific client specifications, to prevent freeze damage. Winterization steps include, but are not limited to:

  • Draining of all plumbing and heating systems;
  • Pressurizing the plumbing system to remove all water;
  • Adding antifreeze to all traps and plumbing fixtures;
  • Shutting off property water supply;
  • Disconnecting and removal of water meter and leaving meter on the premises;
  • Disconnecting the feed pipe leading to the main water valve, capping or plugging it;
  • Placing tags, labels, warning signs and dates on all winterized items.

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Pressurize Plumbing Winterization Add Antifreeze
Place labels   Water Supply Shutoff
Commercial/Residential Lawn Maintenance & Snow Removal

Regular lawn maintenance services include mowing and trimming grass. Per client request we also offer trimming or removal of shrubbery, removal of trees or large fallen tree debris and weeding of flower beds.

Regular snow maintenance includes removal of snow from all driveways, sidewalks and steps. Salt is applied to sidewalks to provide safe access to property entrances.

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Front Yard Before Service Lawn After Service
Performing Service
Back Yard BLawn After Service
Before Snow Removal Snow Removed
Driveway Before Snow Removal Driveway Snow Removed
Property Preservation Maintenance

A Little Off The Top continues to perform both routine and specialized maintenance services to help ensure the property is safe, secure and in ready-to-show condition at all times. Maintaining a high level of service to our clients through frequent inspections and adhering to International Property Maintenance Codes (I-Codes) at all times.

Removal of water in basements; Removal and replacement of Sump Pump; Janitorial cleaning services; Window and door boarding in accordance to HUD specifications; Cash for keys and any other services related to property preservation maintenance.

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Basement Before Basement During Removal of Water
Basement During Pumping
Sump Before Sump After
Window in Need of Boarding Window Properly Secured
Cash for Keys